In most cases, the yellowing with the nails (among women) is actually a?outcome of your nails absorbing a lot of the pigment from a paints and lacquers; the darker the shade, the more serious the challenge. Other causes to do this?sickly appearance might include smoking, a?infection, or an underlying health condition-diabetes, liver disease, lung infection, etc.

If you’re sure that what causes it is superficial, then your resolve to mellow the yellow is not rocket science. You can use lemon juice, sodium bicarbonate or denture tablets, or, alternately, you could try this orange peel DIY that gets the duty done, quickly.

How It Works
Orange peel has citric acid or ascorbic acid which happens to be instrumental in removing stains. It gives bleaching agent, and that’s precisely what your discolored, yellow nails need. Actually, next time you peel an orange, take particular notice your hands and nails. When they may experience sticky, if you don’t wash off the residue quickly, they appear whiter and plumper. For this reason the fastest strategy to temper yellow?nails should be to rub an orange peel to them. However, for better results consider an even more concentrated solution:


  • 2tbsp dried orange peel powder
  • 1tsp water

In a smaller container, come up with a thick paste when using the orange peel powder and water. When it’s too thick, include a few more drops water. Spread the paste about the nails and let it sit for 15 minutes. Take a soft toothbrush and massage the paste for the area.?Wash your nails with tepid water. For the best results, repeat the process twice per week.

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