While driving home from work exactly the other day, I chipped a nail. Don’t ask me how, it had become all a blurr-stupid traffic lights and crazy drivers attempting to cut me off. Naturally, it was not pretty.

Fortunately for me personally, my nails can be extremely long so a bit of away from the edge is not really that noticeable. I chose only to return home and clip it with the breaking point, and size over the almost all my nails to make sure they are typical the identical length.

Don’t ask why that taught me to be sad-it’s a lady thing, really. I shudder whenever i can remember the times it chipped starting from the nail and ruined my oh-so-pretty (and dear) manicure.

In jest, I Googled home cures for chipped nails (just like I Google whatever else .), and happened upon this video that gave the impression to complete the job really easily. Why hack when you’re able to patch the chipped nail straight into place? Take a peek:

Home Experiments
Of the many things I’ve implemented to rescue a chipped nail, let us discuss my top three trials (and quite often, errors):

  1. Painting above the chipped nail with a strengthening polish (works in case the break is small).
  2. Filing their nails a great alternate shape which enables you to trim the chipped area (totally works).
  3. Using a buffer to push/press about the loose end into place (epic fail!)

Care to express your tricks?

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