Alright, so we’re all accustomed to leg days, ab days, back and bicep combos-you know, body part pairings comprise our typical fitness week. Add to that boutique fitness classes which have the fitness-meets-fun aspect and you will be all set.

It seems we’re missing something- oh, that’s right, our face! Now, while barre, anti-gravity yoga, aerial yoga, Pilates, or group treadmill sessions are the popular classes, a completely new one hitting the fitness world is FaceLove Fitness, which gives tone your facial muscles?supply radiant and youthful skin.

So why the sudden desire for the head? Well, our face too comprises of quite a few muscles (57, we’re told), plus to keep them toned (which incidentally posseses an uplifting effect and keeps you looking young), one should exercise the head.

Face First
FaceLove Fitness is part of a different York city pop-up show that’s promoting skin fitness. Produced by Rachel Lang, an aesthetician, and Heidi Frederick, a masseuse, this fitness class is the next step in anti-aging. Based on the creators, facial fitness is an untapped method to obtain anti-aging remedies-the proverbial elixir of youth, when you.

Lang and Frederick think facial training are a sensible way to:

  • Detoxify the skin
  • Increase circulation and oxygen flow
  • Create more volume to diminish lines
  • Help fight your skin layer thinning and muscle atrophy
  • Optimize our skin’s performance to help make anti-aging products work better

For how it’s worth, this idea continues to be played around with by yogis, who encourage facial and breathing exercises to tone your aging skin, iron out of crow’s feet, stimulate blood circulation, and contour the jawline. The world thinks it’s totally worth a trial?and will show to be significantly more effective than superficial anti-aging creams, given it utilizes a deepest muscles.

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