Darkened skin, uneven epidermis, hyperpigmentation or discoloration-call it what you should, even so the truth remains that patchy skin isn’t quite becoming-particularly when it’s noticeable. Now, an uneven dermis isn’t exactly an unusual problem, but it surely can be very troublesome, specially when making a feeling.

Don’t fret. You can find straight-forward ways that you may cope with the issue, and you need are?two humble ingredients through your kitchen-lemon and potato.

But what makes lemon or perhaps potato, as an example, help? Let us explain:

Potatoes contain large quantities of catecholase, a significant part that’s noted for its potent skin whitening effects. Applying potato slices to one’s face effectively reduces discoloration and dark patches. Lemon, conversely, contains high degrees of citric acid, and effectively bleaches your sensitive skin, removing discoloration and pigmentation around the neck and face. Lemon can be another strong astringent as well as being an incredible remedy to contract pores, lighten scars, blemishes, liver spots, saving further breakouts by killing impurities. Combining the two will give you an effective remedy to combat patchiness.

A?weight loss diet of leafy greens, berries and many water can greatly help. However if thinking of a quick-fix, this is your best bet.

DIY Lemon & Potato Face Mask

You Need:

  • 1/2 grated potato
  • 1/2tsp lemon juice

In a small bowl, combine the grated potato and fresh lemon juice, and blend well. Prior to apply the mask to your face, be sure to have washed it. Apply the mixture and leave it on for Fifteen minutes. Following stipulated time, simply rinse with cold water and pat dry.

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