If you thought ridiculous beauty standards women peaked while using the thigh gap, youre planning to need to take a seat due to this. (Or even not, since sitting can create stomach rolls, which were also not meant to have.) Please let me introduce the armpit vagina.

The alleged armpit vaginaalso referred to as the arm vaginais the fold of skin formed once your arm is lowered upon your torso. Yes, thats it. Basically, everyone with arms including a torso has it despite size. Its one among them that occurs if you have a physique and is in no way abnormal or ugly or worthy of its name.

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Although the precise origin for this faux anatomical term is fuzzy, many credit Jennifer Lawrence for introducing it on the body-shaming lexicon when she tried on the extender?in a SAG red carpet interview?in 2014. Thankfully, the thought didnt really pick up steam after that, but recently received major exposure when Hollywood stylist Rebecca Corbin-Murray mentioned it within an interview with?The Times?on Nov. 29. Detailing how her A-list organization is always focused on one part of the body or some other, she stated that the one that happens a lot may be the arm vagina.

As a blogger?pointed out in?The Guardian, Corbin-Murray isnt aiming to give women a posh concerning their arms; rather, she was highlighting the unattainable beauty standards set for women within the entertainment industry.

And over any devices, the concept of a armpit vagina is inaccurate and misleading. The arm crease you are using is not a narrow canal with the ability to expand during penetration and childbirth. I really believe the phrase theyre on the lookout for is armpit vulva or armpit labia, describing the skin area of the genitals.

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Were already told that our armpits are repulsivethat we will need to take every precaution to assure they stay dry, smell fresh, and so are hair-free. But regardless if we accomplish everything, wed best not rest our arm too in close proximity to your system, because then wed risk inadvertently recreating?another?part of the body a large number of people see?too heinous to even say out loud.

Nope. Repeat after me: It’s not a little something. I for 1 usually live the rest of gaming (or even just pose for photos) as?that golden robot from?Star Wars. Just in case a person looks at a womans armpit and see a vagina, you need an anatomy lessonand a different hobby.


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