As a red carpet veteran, Olivia Munn knows quite a bit switches into looking camera-ready about the special day. While the 37-year-old actress was prepping for that 2018 SAG Awards on Sunday night, she chosen to experience a trick that they heard would help her shed weight overnight: taking shots of making use of.

The X-Men: Apocalypse star spilled her tip within an interview with E! News, where she stated that she drank two shots of using apple cider vinegar every day and night stay before showing up in the red carpet. I started doing [apple cider vinegar] each morning as well as the night simply because they say its designed to allow you to lose fat, Munn said.

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Though theres ample scientific evidence that proves that acetic acid, an ingredient obtained in apple cider vinegar treatment, may help control bloodstream sugar levels (and affect fat loss after a while), theres little to no proof that ACV is usually a fast and easy weight-loss ingredientsomething Munn quickly learned. I eat rocky road late at night and I think merely take an therapy shot, it [balances me out]. It doesnt, Munn said.

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While ACV has numerous proven many benefits, including strengthening nice hair and detoxifying region, we really do not recommend using as an instant weight-loss toolsomething were certain doesnt exist no matter how hard you appear.

Instead, we recommend taking a cue from Munn and accepting your body for a way it is. I tell myself, Eh. Its fine. Im an actress. Im no model,’ Munn said. Im expected to look more relatable.


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