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Ive always aspired to do the mini nail runway with the Oscars. Alas, Im not a famous actress nor not working ever be. In addition, I routinely bite my nails and dont present an ounce of artistic blood running through my veins.

So to uplift my non-actress, non-famous, nail-biter life, Ive taken up to Instagram to search for the?13?raddest?celebrity nail artists around. These along with lads decide to use the nail being a canvas; creating intricate patterns and applying hardware you are likely to think were?meant?solely for clothing. Clients cover anything from Kerry Washington to Ke$ha, just one thing every one has is definitely an Instagram feed stuffed with major droolworthy inspiration.

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Even when you cant replicate 1 / 2 of their designs (at all like me), their art is too best to pass by. Visit a selection of their handiwork below, test a couple of out, and allow your nail imagination run wild.


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