When Lindsay Lohan?casually revealed in January that she was launching a long-awaited makeup line, the sweetness community was abuzz with curiosity about what her first product could be. Lipsticks? Blush? Well, ladies, its both.

According a great interview with W magazine, the 31-year-old actresss first makeup product for Lindsay Lohan Cosmetics (not the name, but were throwing the choice these days) shall be dual-use cream blushes that can also become lipsticks. The reasoning came to Lohan from her tendency to apply creamy nude lipsticks as blushes. I love?lipstick, however love using lipstick as blush, Lohan said.

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Though Lohan would be a fan of your ingenious idea, she worried that this chemistry of lipsticks on her behalf face would contribute to breakouts. So she went to the lab to concoct a cream blush that you may you should get some face and lips with no worry of dreaded pimples.?But basically use a cream blush, I would like to be capable of use it on my lips and not just be concerned about breaking out after. So, I developed one, Lohan said.

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No word yet on as soon as the blushes will launch, though Lohan revealed to W that her beauty line will hit the industry using some months. In any case, were stoked and ready for LiLo to take the whole money.


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