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By any time you hit the specific age (say, when you are able legally obtain a shot of vodka or?rent a carideally not at the same time frame), there are many things youre magically expected to know, and then for some reason, makeup is one of them. Were uncertain if your modern world a secret makeup 101 seminar amongst junior high as well as school that people werent invited to, but somewhere on the way, your best friend, your co-worker, and your bank teller had been able perfect alcohol the cat-eye, airbrushed concealer, Cara Delevingne-level brows, and just looking really, truly great.

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Its not too you need to put on makeup. If you feel at ease with the routine you could have right nowwhether thats a little layer of sunscreen, or maybe a coat of mascara and lip balmthen hell yes; more capability you. But when you want to finally discover how to employ all of those products being placed in the base of your makeup bag, or just receive a refresher about the tricks youve already tried, then hey, welcome.

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Because we accumulated the most-asked beauty questions of 2016, including tips on how to add brows, subtly contour and highlight that person,?cover up pimples, apply concealer, and use liquid eyeliner, and broke them on to easy-to-follow, ridiculously simple, gif-filled tutorials. Consider it the makeup manual you will never received, or perhaps your beauty fairy godmother. Its simple and easy clear and we all promise you could master these techniques. Or, at least, youll employ a pretty intermediate graspwhich continues to be enough to rival your bank teller.

Photographer: Tory Rust
Model: Rachel Besser
Makeup: Ashleigh Ciucci
Hair: Akihisa Yamaguchi

A version of this informative article was originally published in April 2017.


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