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No ones too good for the drugstoreincluding celebrities with the means to access among the most expensive skin care products on this planet. Lets be honest; were not above making a pit stop for lip balm or makeup remover in the pinch. But beyond those last-minute beauty emergencies, places like CVS and Walgreens will also be beginning house a similar upscale options youll find inside fancier shopping malls, like K-beauty staple brands Elisha Coy and Peach Slices.

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And following the time, many of these products, no matter their selling price, simply finish the same job. Its it’s no surprise that progressively more A-listers are forgoing fancy labels for single-digit bargains off and on the red carpet. Ahead are 26 finds that had been name-dropped by famous beauties who’ve no shame within their drugstore game.


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