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As much fun as St. Patricks Day are usually, we certainly dont need that just as one excuse to wear green makeup. Its our favorite hues to be seen in after we desire a boost of fierce, but it can simply take you from cute to clownish should you get too heavy-handed using your makeup brush.

So, whats one of the keys to wearing green without allowing it to wear you? Based on celebrity makeup artist?Lottie Stannard, its advisable to start with making use of your eyes and lips.

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For people that need a subtle green, definitely select a green eyeshadow. Try mixing the pin eyeshadow with a lot more nude tones to neutralize it, she says. If you wish to go bold, try topping over green-eye look by using a metallic shadow inside of a copper hue, like?CYOs Metallic Eyeshadow?in Lovey Dovey, toward the inner corners. Its an awesome hack to make your eye area pop and will give an awesome ombre effect.

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If you could have brown eyes, opt for a dark seaweed or bluish green to bring from the rich tones. People who have hazel peepers will desire something within the yellow-green end to accentuate their yellow hues.

Blue eyes may get lost with green eyeshadow, well, i would opt for a darker mossy green for them up. Any green that contrasts with all your green eye hue will attempt to work, then it makes the eye area pop and not hide away, adds Stannard.

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Another strategy to use bold is wanting several mascara by having an intense shock of color, such as the?CYO Volume Mascara?in Wanderlust (a great dupe for shop mascara). Stannard also recommends layering it on top of your black mascara by hitting only the tips of the lashes if youd otherwise be subtle.

But overall, the key to completely slaying in green makeup is wanting not to ever be too matchy-matchy. Experiment! says Stannard. Mix, layer, hack. Take a bold contrast instead. Ahead, get the many inspo you may need, with some emerald-tinged products to attempt.


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