Buying new eyeshadow palettes delivers an adrenaline rush unlike any other. Once you’ve one in your hand, theres a ton of new color combinations to think about as well as options feel endless. However, if youre anything like us, immediately after weeks, youve only used four of your twelve colors, and youre stuck inside a shade rut: a similar muted browns or purples when combined shimmery champagne or charcoal black.

Well, its time and energy to liven your eyelids up and utilize all your eyeshadows to the maximum potential, Russian Roulette-style. Yesterday Reddit user and Makeup Addiction thread regular?thoughtfoxes posted how she chooses her eyeshadows everyday, employing an app called Decision Roulette.

In her post, she explains how its completely transformed her makeup game, as a result of a wheel that randomly selects combos she would have never looked into before. Not only has she created a wheel for my child palettes; theres yet another separate color wheel for each individual palette, too.?

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The regarded gambling eyeshadow colors seemed too good to be true, and we wanted to notice actually in operation for ourselves. And we all were happy. When we downloaded the free (!) app, it was actually pretty self explanatory: you add a brand, choose a color and fill your wheels. However, since their default color these are limited, we would recommend uploading photos in the shadows right to the app to avoid confusion.?

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Overall, its but not only of great help for indecisive people, additionally it can make you get creative and make use of your shades equally. Of course, if youre feeling extra risky, try spinning the wheel multiple times and incorporating all the shades into one look no cheating. Were living for this!?


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