Although we love to celebrating partners and friendships on Valentines Day, showing our makeup routine slightly love is as important. Thats why were especially excited for National Lash Day (February 19) and thankfully, were only some of the ones counting down the periods.? ?

M.A.C Cosmetics just announced it’s going to be giving free mascara everyday from now until Monday to commemorate the occasion. Thats right; free,?quality makeup.

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There couple of caveats, though. The giveaway may be for United States and Canada retailers only, and in spite of your location, its important to look at the fine-print below:

SEDUCED MEMBERS: Obtain a complimentary Mini Mascara Trio?with any order of $35+ and free postage. Exclusively online! Use code LASH3 at checkout.

DEVOTED MEMBERS: Have a free full-sized Mascara to your?choice with any order of $60+ ($23 Value)* and totally.

OBSESSED MEMBERS: Receive a free full-sized Mascara and Lash of?your choice with any order of $60+ (About $40 Value)* and free. Redeem inside of a M?A?C

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Not will undoubtedly your lashes be thanking you, but same goes with your wallets. Our next beauty-themed holiday is National Lipstick Day on July 29. Start planning your themed party now.


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