In our series, Beauty Routine of a, we talk with?women?of all areas of life around the hair, skin, and makeup?products?that help them complete the task.

Fragrance plays a vital role in any beauty products we use, beyond perfume and cologne. Smell evokes memories, wakes up the senses, plus much more often than not at all, convinces us to buy something. Thats why Frederique Terranova takes her job seriously. Perfumery is often a niche field that you dont hear a good deal about, but its an essential one. There are only around 200 notable perfumers throughout the world, causing all of these are built with the chemical engineering background required to invent the unique scent combos found in the majority of of our own products.

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Terranova herself worked as kitchen staff having a whos who of beauty royalty, at the present time, shes carefully crafting bespoke fragrances for any newly launched skin and hair brand ApotheCARE Essentials. Although many would assume its nearly impossible to dream up smells that are actually one-of-a-kind, Terranovas secret weapon is from her very own garden, in Grasse within the South of France.

During a freshly released sit-down when using the fragrance pro, we have been surprised to discover that her very own beauty routine is actually comparatively low-key. Ahead, she shares why she rarely shops for products and whether or not the French girl beauty routine is in reality a thing.

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On Her First Perfume Memory

My first perfume memory is a perfume of my grandmother. I remember if we were finding their way back in the weekend at Champagne, I used to be resting on her shoulder plus the memory of my nose smelling her fragrance. Its quite a nice memory in my situation.

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On Her Personal Routine

As an elegance perfumer, My business is covering all the different categories; natural skin care, deodorant, shower gel, shampoo. All those products that we use within our day-to-day life are giving pleasure to the people. And its not showing others that you simply smell good. Its showing which you smell good for you personally.

Its somewhat difficult for me because Now i’m creating new fragrance, I’ve got to test my fragrance to be aware of the goals. But my grandmother, she used rose water to clean up her skin. In my situation, its something thats superb. Also i use allepo soap from Syria. Its very old, nonetheless the recipe still is alive. Its an exclusive, very traditional soap, constructed with only lye fat.

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On French Girl Beauty

Im undecided that there’s a French routine for beauty. I think thats certainly not the reality. We’re able, everyone in the world, to gain access to precisely the same product. If you ever compared those that live in Paris, in great britan maybe in the med, I think our lives? arent distinctive. I think all of us have their own individual, but there isnt a broad one.

*Fun fact: Terranovas favorite scent from the ApotheCARE Essentials range is lavender. Visit all the products here.


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