K-beauty trends should never be scarce?and glass skin could be the latest one ruling our Instagram feeds. The term identifies a face seems pore-free, dewy and almost transparent, all without worrying about fancy filters we so easily gravitate toward while taking selfies.

We’ve received a lot of questions and comments with regards to Jo’s skincare routine ?? There was clearly some comments saying the routine was very long! And then we whittled it into the main 4 steps for glass skin (swipe by means of take a look)? ? 1. Cleansing that does not strip or play havoc skin? 2. Hydrating toner to prep skin for layers of hydration? 3. Essence to treat skin (in this situation to brighten and soothe)? 4. Moisturizer to freeze hydration and gives that final glossy sheen? ? Tap the hyperlinks in bio to enjoy the whole (8-step) routine!? .? .? .? .? .? .? .? #sundaynight #sunday #weekend #kbeauty #koreanbeauty #beauty #skincare #kbeautyroutine #glassskin #skin #ab #asianbeauty #youtube #video #vlog #bblogger #ilovebeauty #beautyaddict #glowrecipe #glowstudio #????? #?? #?? #???? #??

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As pristine being a pane of luminous glass. Get glowing while using #kbeauty phenomenon of #GlassSkin.

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[New K-Beauty Trend: Glass Skin] After loved by dewy makeup, K-Beauty intensify their complexion game right new level: glass skin. Tren ini dicirikan sebagai tampilan kulit yang transparan, halus dan glowing layaknya sebuah kaca. Menurut beberapa pakar, untuk mendapatkan tampilan glass skin, exfoliasi kulit wajib dilakukan secara rutin, yang diikuti korean 7 step skincare method. Hmm… menurut kamu tren ini cocok diaplikasikan di Indonesia nggak ya? Source: vouge ?? @steviiewong #clozetteid #glassskin

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More often than not at all, the boys and some women flaunting their flawless skin also tote heavy-duty routines, with as many as 10-15 products being exercised everyday. Speculate up to i would love the final results, we just dont adequate for this volume of work.

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Neither does Sir John, whose famous clientele includes Beyonc, Joan Smalls and Priyanka Chopra. Within a recent interview with E! Online, he admitted to encouraging his ladies to go by a K-beauty-inspired routine, but remix it by shortening the entire process and adding just a little highlighter into the mix.

First, you probably should start with exfoliation, he admits that. Right now, I will be loving the?Pure-Sugar Scrubs. By exfoliating, youre creating produce the perfect canvas prior to when you apply your skin-care moisturizers and highlight products.

#wcw @priyankachopra ??????? Layer your highlighters ladies.. Levels levels levels ??

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Next, you need to follow up with a ph-balanced toner (to shut on the pores), vitamin C serum (for brightness) and moisturizer (for hydration), as exact order.?Lastly, enhance your skins glow through the use of a glow enhancer, similar to the??True Match Lumi Glotion?on the face.

Although you may want to continue with foundation, you probably wont are interested after adopting this foolproof regimen for a couple weeks. We enjoy pure skin care basic.


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